by Yip Vorbeck & Friends

It started with a simple stairwell connecting Spring Street and Center Street - and two super creative project initiators - Raven Derge and Steve "Yip" Vorbeck.

They invited the Eureka Springs High School Art Club to submit designs to 'art-UP' the stairs in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs.

Art Club director, Jessica Cummings, quickly jumped on the opportunity and worked with the students on their designs. Two student concepts were selected. One from Kyla Bordman and one from Kennedy Cash.

Nationally known muralist, Doug Myerscough worked with the students to combine their concepts and translate their final design to scale for the stairs. 

‚ÄčThe UP PROJECT gathered a community of artists, volunteers and sponsors to help turn the stairs into a work of art. One of the most photographed scenes in Eureka Springs! 

Raven Derge         Steve "Yip" Vorbeck

The UP Project is only possible through the generous support of the Eureka Springs community of artists, volunteers, designers, contributors and sponsors. 

Special thanks to:

The Eureka Springs City Council, Mayor and Historic Preservation Society for approving our vision;

Jessica Cummings, Kyla Bordman, Kennedy Cash and the Eureka Springs High School Art Club for catching the vision;

Doug Myerscough for bringing the vision to life and scale;

The Eureka Springs Arts Council and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for supporting and funding the vision; and

The Eureka Springs City Advertising & Promotion Commission for promoting and featuring the vision.