Edward Robison demonstrates the interactive technology of a panel showing the construction of the Basin Park Hotel floor-by-floor. Viewers are encouraged to view the images from any angle and any distance as they are 360 degrees and contain some surprises when viewed from different angles.

The Art Wall proudly displays 8 new panels created by students of the Eureka Springs High School Art Club under the direction of Art Teacher Jessica Cummings.

The panels are for sale by contacting the students directly. 

The Eureka Springs Art Wall is a project of the Eureka Springs Arts Council and the City of Eureka Springs.  

The art wall was updated with a new interactive art installation by Edward Robison iii in May 2018. We are proud to have the Eureka Springs High School Art Club as contributors to the wall with several 4'x8' and 4'x4' panels.

Our art wall, titled "Eureka Springs: Then & Now", is a celebration of the richness of our town, our history and our people. 

We thank the City of Eureka Springs, The Eureka Springs Preservation Society, The City Advertising and Promotion Commission, Eureka Springs Public Works and ProcommEureka for their support of the unique and truly Eureka Springs project.