Eureka Springs is known for engaging and unique experiences. The new Augmented Reality tour (ESART) provides an interactive way to discover and learn about the city’s public art and natural springs.

The Eureka Springs Augmented Reality Tour brings tourism and technology together to create an engaging way to experience the city. At Points of Interest marked with a cairn*/ sign, visitors will use their mobile device to scan a code, open a web based Augmented Reality (AR) camera on their smartphones or tablet, and see the art come to life, or see a ghostly figure from Eureka Springs’ past tell about the history of a location. An interactive web-based map will also show locations of springs and public art.

The ESART project was created and produced by Edward RobisonIII and is sponsored by the Eureka Springs Arts Council and the City Advertising & Promotion Commission (CAPC).   

Augmented Reality Interaction

Once a visitor arrives at a public art or natural spring location, a marker/sign will direct them to use either an NFC (near field communications chip) or a QR code to open the web-based AR camera on their smartphone or tablet. Depending upon the point of interest (POI), the visitor will then either point their camera at the artwork and watch it come to life, or point it at the ground near a spring to watch a “ghostly” virtual tour guide appear and tell them about the POI’s history, interesting facts, or little-known secrets.

Tour Locations - POI’s

Eureka Springs is rich with interesting things to see and do. The Eureka Springs Augmented Reality Tour is a covid-era friendly way to explore the city. The tour will help guide and inspire visitors to explore the city’s many natural springs and public art features including murals and sculptures. Viewers will meet the artists telling the story of their creations.

 *Rock Cairn Markers:
To direct visitors to Augmented Reality Points of Interest, approximately 12-inch tall, informational 3D printed rock cairns, will be placed at multiple springs around the city, as well as signs or markers at various other locations. The rock cairn markerswill  be embedded with an NFC (near field communications) chip and a QR code to direct visitors to a web link with the AR content.