An Interactive Sound Sculpture Experience!

The Eureka Springs Music Park is a blend of music, art and nature with sound sculptures nestled in a natural acoustic setting. The only one of its kind in the United States !

Oh, yeah - it's a city park with free parking, restrooms & a stage.

The unique aspect of the Eureka Springs Music Park is the harmonic tuning of all instruments to one another. All sound sculptures are made primarily of found and re-purposed materials and can be played by hand or with soft mallets provided. 

As an added touch, local yarn-ologist, Gina Gallina, has yarn-bombed several of the park's trees.

The Eureka Springs High School Art Club, Class of '16, with "Mr. Plant".

See the new 2018 Music Park with trees & instruments yarn bombed by the fabulous Gina Gallina & 17 volunteer crocheters!





The centerpiece of the Music Park is a 20 foot long chime arbor called GPAC (Give Peace a Chance).  

The second piece, Ranagophone, is a six piece pentatonically tuned slit-drum sculpture that pays homage to "Stonehenge".  

The third piece, Ozarkophone, is made of weatherproof pressure treated pine for extra durability and sound performance.

The xylophone like structure creates a sonic counterpoint to the metallic sounds of the other instruments.  

The fourth sculpture was created by the Eureka Springs High School Art Club. Made of recycled materials from their old high school, "Mr. Plant" adds rhythm to the park in a colorful and natural steampunk fashion.

The Eureka Springs Interactive Music Park is made possible by the Eureka Springs Arts Council and a grant from the Arkansas Arts Council.

Special thanks to the City of Eureka Springs and Public Works!